The Need in Guatemala

Why Oasis?

Guatemala mission locationEverywhere we look, we can see the fingerprints of God; this is especially true in the case of our mission trips to Guatemala. We see God’s fingerprints covering His design for our ministry! The first place we clearly saw His hand at work was in the way He directed us to serve in the village of Oasis. After first building a couple of houses in the larger city of La Fragua, we visited a small village on the outskirts of town. While driving through the larger cities to reach Oasis, there was certainly poverty everywhere, but there were still construction crews at work, various modes of public transportation, and even government assistance for the people.

However, in Oasis that all changed. Instead of cinderblock housing, running water, and ownership of land, the people lived on an abandoned stretch of railroad track where houses where made of sticks, sheets of plastic, and maybe a piece or two of corrugated metal. The only reason that the old railroad tracks are still there is because the people use them to push large water buckets full of water from the well to their homes to be used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. They don’t have all the comforts that we do, and in fact, they lack much that we would view as a necessity for living. Because of this great level of need in this little community, there are many opportunities to reach out in the love of Christ to these people!