In response to The Need in Oasis, our teams have several focus areas. These areas include:

  • Getting families off the dirt.
  • Teaching life skills that can be used to bring income to their families and thus create sustainability (ex. teaching ladies to sew).
  • Improve water wells.
  • Host Family Nights to build relationships with the entire family.
  • Bring in much needed dental care for members of the community.
  • Assist with specific needs within families (ex: providing surgery for a boy who was going blind).

In addition to the areas listed above, there are also several ministries taking place that are specifically geared toward the children in Oasis. These include:

  • Providing school children with nutrition drinks.
  • Providing school supplies.
  • Providing shoes for the children.
  • Doing Vacation Bible School on each trip to Oasis.